Structured individual supervision

General description: Supervision on a wide range of topics, based on a predefined curriculum and more than one supervisors involved. Start with a batch of 6 sessions. Each session lasts 60 min. Complete two batches and get the IOSS Basic certificate. Complete four batches and get the IOSS Advanced certificate.

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Twelve sessions covering psychosexual assessment, diagnosis and clinical management of Sexual Dysfunctions. The trainee will be instructed on:

  1. Issues related to the setting
    1. Public/private context
    2. Vis a vis consultation
    3. On-line consultation
    4. Timing and payment
  2. Assessment of sexual dysfunctions
    1. medical, psychosocial, sexual history
    2. specialist consultations and lab test
    3. questionnaires and scales on SD
    4. predisposing, precipitating, maintaining factors
  3. Making a diagnosis
    1. key points for different SD
    2. differential diagnosis
    3. double diagnosis
  4. Building the professional team
    1. which professionals to be involved in the case
    2. who is the best to start the treatment?
    3. how to collaborate and communicate
    4. tasks of the case leader
  5. How to educate patients on:
    1. sexual response
    2. physiology and sexuality
    3. psychology and sexuality
    4. readings and tools
    5. feel comfortable with sex
    6. context of sexual encounters
    7. stereotypes and myths
    8. lifestyle changes
  6. Clinical management
    1. therapeutic alliance
    2. give a meaning to the symptom
    3. partner involvement
    4. set the treatment goals
    5. work on maintaining factors
    6. when and how to use behavioural exercises
    7. manage the process
    8. end of the therapy and follow-up


Twelve sessions on sexual therapy, focusing on complex cases and improvement of clinical skills. The trainee will be instructed on:

  1. Therapeutic alliance
    1. Importance of the first 3 sessions
    2. Build a collaborative atmosphere
    3. Fast recognition of the factors connected to the symptom
    4. Fast recognition of the patient’s resources
    5. Clear explanation of the clinical process to the patient
  2. Transference and countertransference
    1. Dynamics between clinician and patient
    2. Impact of gender difference
    3. Emotional reactions to patient’s history or attitude
    4. Erotic attraction to the patient and viceversa
    5. Management of different values and cultural issues
    6. Recognize our limits as clinicians
  3. Set priorities in the clinical process
    1. Differentiate between symptoms and syndromes
    2. Hierarchy in psychological problems
    3. Individual and relational psychopathology
    4. Hierarchy in sexual problems
    5. Pharmacological support: when is needed
  4. Process changes on
    1. Cognitive schemas, dysfunctional beliefs, automatic thoughts
    2. Emotional dysregulation
    3. Relational and social impairments
    4. Body image distortions
  5. Complex cases in sexual dysfunctions
    1. More than one sexual dysfunctions
    2. Comorbidities with other health problems
    3. Pain with no organic cause
    4. Unconsummated marriage
    5. Paraphilias with adverse consequences
    6. Hyper/hypo sensitivity of the genitals
    7. PDE5is management
    8. Both partners with sexual dysfunctions
    9. Dismorphophobia
    10. Different sexual preferences
    11. Desire discrepancy
  6. Difficult topics in psychotherapy
    1. Extra-marital affairs
    2. Secrets
    3. Abuse and trauma
    4. Undifferentiated couples
    5. Consensual non-monogamous relationships
    6. Personality disorders
    7. Partners disagreement
    8. Alcohol and drug abuse
    9. Resistance to change

Process :

Choose your preferable frequency and starting month

  1. Choose weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions
  2. Choose the month you prefer to start
  3. Buy the first batch of 6 sessions
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  5. Regularly check your personal account for your supervisor’s availability and proposed dates.
  6. Choose 6 slots that you prefer. REMEMBER to use the time converter. Please pay special attention and contact us if you have any doubt.
  7. You shall receive a confirmation email of the agreed dates/ times
  8. Welcome to IOSS supervision!