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What makes a treatment plan successful in female genital pain?


Content and Aim

Genital pain is a prevalent, complex and disabling health concern in women. Given that genital pain is heterogeneous and includes different pain syndromes that are determined by a wide variety of biological and psychosocial factors, the aim of the webinar is at increasing awareness of the different profiles of women complaining about genital pain, thereby focusing specifically on vaginismus and vulvodynia because these are the most common causes of genital pain in sexual medicine. We will discuss the challenges of making a differential diagnosis and indicate the importance of taking a good physical examination and a thorough psychosexual history to prevent diagnostic delay, misdiagnoses and treatment mismatches. It will be pointed out the need to develop multimodal treatments that target biopsychosocial aspects of genital pain. This approach requires multidisciplinary teams and collaboration across disciplines.

The speaker will share her own clinical experience, discussing cases and answering possible questions from the audience.

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Learning objectives

Participants will learn about:

  • how biopsychosocial factors affect the development and maintenance of the pain
  • how to assess the symptoms
  • how to make a differential diagnosis
  • how to build an effective treatment plan