Sober Sex



For 3 sessions

The clinical supervision on sober sex issues could provide the following:

  • A clear definition of sober sex
  • A psychoeducation on Chemsex/Sober sex phenomenon
  • A deeper understanding of the multifactorial issues in achieving sober sex
  • Introduction to theoretical frameworks specifically adapted to the needs of this cohort of patients
  • Introduction to tools specifically designed for sober sex
  • Opportunity to explore the effect of these presentations on the therapist (transference/countertransference)
  • Gain greater understanding on the importance of self-care

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Working with Sober Sex issue after Chemsex (Addiction Recovery)

Sober sex is defined as present sex where no drugs (ChemSex) or fantasies are involved, and the connection between body and mind is maintained. In the recent years, there has been a significant increase in the presentations of patients (mainly men having sex with men) who attend following treatment/support for their drug use and want to achieve pleasurable sober sex.

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Remziye Kunelaki


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