Sexual Trauma



For 3 sessions

Clinical cases will be analysed on the following aspects:

1. Interpretation of the trauma history, sexual history and the patient’s resources.

2. Interpretation of symptoms and diagnostic considerations.

3. Decision making when choosing the pathways to the preparation stage for safe therapy, to avoid re-traumatisation.

4. Decision making when choosing treatment strategies.

5. Appropriate patient education

6. Appropriate clinical suggestions tailored to the patient’s needs.

7. Trauma therapy, Psychosexual Therapy and Body psychotherapy.

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Sexual trauma occurs in various ways including sexual abuse in childhood, rape, accidents on genitals, invasive surgery.

Some sexual trauma results in complex PTSD for some patients. With other patients it manifests itself in areas of life that can cause problems for the patient: acute anxiety in intimate relationships, a wide range of sexual dysfunctions, attachment disruption, rage towards self or others.

The treatment of sexual trauma will vary depending if the presentation is PTSD or psychosexual. However, all treatments of sexual trauma involve a holistic and humanistic approach: psychological, psychosexual and body psychotherapy (somatic) interventions, as well as a particular focus on safe practice to avoid re-traumatisation.

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