Sexual Problems in Psychiatry



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Sexual dysfunctions and sexual content psychopathology are prevalent among individuals with psychiatric conditions. Appropriate sexual function may be challenging for individuals with affective and anxiety disorders, schizophrenia-spectrum and other psychotic conditions, personality disorders, eating disorders, etc. The interpretation of every sexual content psychopathology or sexual dysfunction should be based on the bio-psycho-social model. Understanding the relationship between sexual function and mental disorders allows for the selection of an appropriate treatment for each individual. Sexual content psychopathology and/or the sexual function may be improved via an appropriate treatment of mental disorders, and adverse effects of psychotropic medications on the sexual function can be managed by using several treatment strategies. The diagnostics and treatment of a specific sexual problem require taking into consideration the predominant disorder, the pharmacotherapy applied, the patient’s somatic condition, the couple’s interpersonal relationships, and the patient’s major expectations.

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Clinical cases will be analyzed in the following aspects:

  • Interpretation of the sexual history
  • Interpretation of sexual content psychopathology or dysfunctions on the basis of the bio-psycho-social model
  • Appropriate clinical and treatment suggestions made on the basis of the bio-psycho-social model and in relation with the patient’s needs
  • Basic-level psychosexual therapy (including psychosexual, simple couple, and medical interventions).

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