Paraphilias & Sex Offending



For 3 sessions

Learning objectives

 Supervisees will learn about:

  • How to identify and focus on a specific sexual problem, disorder or problematic behavior (e.g. paraphilic disorders, sexual violence, psychiatric comorbidity)
  • How to establish a good patient-doctor relationship and incorporate the partner or relatives where necessary
  • How to conduct careful psychoeducation and counselling which may resolve problems in a considerable number of subjects
  • How to help patients to develop treatment objectives and how to guide them through psychotherapy
  • How to initiate and control pharmacotherapy of sexual or psychiatric disorder and how to assess pharmacological interactions

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Content and Aim

In consultation hours for sexual medicine we meet people with different kind of sexual disorders and associated behavioral problems. In particular, the intersection of sexual medicine with psychiatry and neurology may reveal various problems including paraphilias (e.g. pedophilia), child sexual offending, and sexual violence specially towards women. Drug induced side effects, as well as psychiatric or neurological comorbidities may further aggravate the situation.

These issues demand a specialized knowledge and an individual therapeutic approach. The supervision offers a step-by-step guidance for these demanding situations in sexual medicine and associated areas by offering help in clinical diagnostic, counselling, psychotherapy/sex therapy as well as psychopharmacology.

Specific attention will be devoted to the interface of psychiatry and sexology.


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