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Mr & Mrs Johnson with their 1st baby of 8 months


Danny and Mary were very happy when finally, after trying for 1½ year, conception took place.
Carefully travelling through the pregnancy and the postpartum months they grew towards happy parenthood, but in the meantime, they also lost their loverhood.

This webinar will address the sexual and intimacy aspects of the various stages between trying to conceive and young parenthood.
Attention will be paid to the various elements of pregnancy, post-partum and lactation that can disturb sexuality and intimacy.
With a special focus on the challenges of ‘How to deal with… ?’
On the one hand, the webinar will deal with disturbances that have developed.
On the other hand, the webinar will cover prevention strategies to minimize potential sexual damage (from sexual aspects of preconception to post-partum ‘intimate masturbation’).

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