Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction – Thematic Individual



For 3 sessions

Clinical cases will be analyzed on the following aspects:

  • Interpretation of the sexual history
  • Decision making when choosing treatment strategy
  • Appropriate patient education
  • Appropriate clinical suggestions tailored to patient needs
  • Basic level psychosexual therapy (including sexual, cognitive-behavioral, simple couple, and medical interventions).

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General description of erectile dysfunction theme

Erectile dysfunction is a multifactorial problem. Therefore, a mixture of psychological, interpersonal, social and biological factors may be involved in the explanation of the problem. Patients usually require an understanding of why they cannot escape the problem, but mostly they ask for easy and practical ways to overcome it. In many occasions, this is possible with the provision of distilled information, clear explanations of the mechanisms involved, and the most effective practical instructions that will help them overcome the problem. However, in other occasions, suggestions and instructions are not enough. Psychosexual therapy that considers the complex interplay of personality characteristics, complex belief systems, couple dynamics and social/cultural issues is required.


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Evie Kirana