Kick-Off on male sexual problems


Five lectures focusing on psychosexual aspects of male Sexual Dysfunctions. Participants will be instructed on: assessment, diagnosis, main factors involved (predisposing, precipitating, maintaining), different patient’s profiles.

Sessions on male sexual problems:

  1. Sexual history taking
    by Evie Kirana, psycho-sexologist
  2. Desire disorders
    by Yacov Reisman, urologist
  3. Biological aspects of erectile dysfunction
    by Prof Dimitirios Chatzichristou, urologist
  4. Psychogenic erectile dysfunction
    by Evie Kirana, psycho-sexologist
  5. Ejaculatory disorders
    by Evie Kirana, psycho-sexologist



Day Date Time (GMT)
Wed. 09.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 16.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 23.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 30.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 06.11.2019 19.00-20.30