Sexual Health Care for Infertile Couples



For 3 sessions

Clinical cases will be analyzed on the following aspects:

  • Interpretation of the clinical history, the individual and couple biopsychosocial profile including the sexual history
  • Defining a descriptive diagnosis
  • Based on the biopsychosocial model elaborating a comprehensive explanatory diagnosis
  • Based on the explanatory diagnosis developing a treatment plan (medical, psychotherapy, physiotherapy) together with the patient or the couple tailored to their need and possibilities
  • Implementation and follow up of the therapy

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Infertility describes the incapacity of the individual and the couple to realize and live their reproductive potential. Reproduction is an element of sexuality and thus infertility has an important impact on a person´s sexual identity and sexual function eventually leading to sexual health problems in women and men.

This impact may become evident during the primary experience of “not achieving a pregnancy although strongly desired “, during the diagnostic workup, the therapy and the phase after either achieving a pregnancy or experiencing a failure.

The factors contributing to the sexual problems can be medical (drugs, hormones), individual psychological (distress, adaptation and mood disorders), relational (changes in partner dynamics) or sociocultural (group pressure, hiding infertility etc.).

In all these stages, the women and men need comprehensive care which includes medical and psychotherapeutic interventions.

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Johannes Bitzer