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How can sex survive through menopause


The menopausal transition is the gradual change from pre- to postmenopause- menopause being defined retrospectively 12 months after the last menstrual period. This phase is characterized by significant hormonal, emotional and social challenges, such as hot flashes, mood and cognition changes, while empty nest syndrome, retirement or illness of a partner may coincide. As a result, sexual problems are common and multifaceted.

In this webinar we will go through the complexities of the woman’s sexuality throughout mid-life; biological, psychological and social factors to be considered. Common symptoms and sexual difficulties will be presented, together with therapeutic options, both medical and non-medical, all based on the latest literature.


Speaker: Mijal Luria
Gynecologist and Sex therapist

Dr. Mijal Luria is an attending obstetrician-gynecologist and sex therapist. She is the President of the Israeli Society for Sexual Medicine (ILSSM), the Director of the Center for Sexual Health at the Hadassah Mt. Scopus Medical Center and co-director of the Rotem Center for Multidisciplinary Sex Therapy, in Jerusalem, Israel.

Her clinical work encompasses the treatment of couples and individuals with sexual problems, with a special focus on women sexual wellbeing. As both a gynecologist and a sex therapist working in a multi-cultural setting, Dr. Luria has a wide understanding and clinical expertise about the complexity of the hormonal, emotional and cultural factors that affect women’s sexuality throughout the different life stages.

Dr. Luria co-directs the Jerusalem’s Hebrew University Medical School course “Introduction to Human Sexuality”, created the program “Growing Together” for sexual education of early adolescents and their parents and created the “Healthy Relationships Program” for sexual education of high school students.
Dr. Luria has ongoing collaborations on several research projects. She is a member of the executive committee of the European Federation of Sexology’s (EFS) and is the co-chair of the EFS scientific committee. She is also a member of the European Federation for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) and the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) scientific committees.

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