Gynecological Disorders, Pain and Sexual Problems



For 3 sessions

Clinical cases will be analyzed on the following aspects:

  • Interpretation of the clinical history, the individual and couple biopsychosocial profile including the sexual history
  • Defining a descriptive diagnosis
  • Based on the biopsychosocial model elaborating a comprehensive explanatory diagnosis
  • Based on the explanatory diagnosis developing a treatment plan (medical, psychotherapy, physiotherapy) together with the patient or the couple tailored to their need and possibilities
  • Implementation and follow up of the therapy
  • Implementation and follow up of the therapy

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Gynecological disorders refer to diseases and dysfunctions of the female genital organs. The function of these organs is linked to reproduction and sexuality.

Therefore, all diseases and dysfunctions may have an impact on reproduction and sexuality. In addition to that like other organ systems they can be the source of pain.

We have several dimensions to be considered when it comes to understand the association of gynecological disorders and sexual health:

  1. Destruction of organs involved in sexual function
  2. Impairment of nervous system signaling and processing of sensory signals and neuromotor actions
  3. Dysfunction of hormonal regulations
  4. Impairment of reproductive capacity
  5. Impact of surgery
  6. Impact of medical therapy
  7. Impact on gender identity
  8. Impact on relationship and partner reactions.

A comprehensive approach based on the biopsychosocial model of human sexuality is necessary to provide good care for these patients taking into account the 8 dimensions described above to develop an individualized therapeutic approach

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