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ChemSex: management strategies for sexologists


Speakers: David Stuart & Remziye Kunelaki

Content and Aim

A webinar opportunity to learn from the clinical experience of two leading experts in the field of ChemSex and Sober Sex on ground zero. In recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of patients attending psychosexual clinics requesting to achieve sober sex. The webinar will focus on the sexualised drug use and the aim to achieve sober sex as experienced in the gay community of London. Sober Sex does not fit any of the DSM criteria of diagnosis and there is a need to understand and work with patients in a focused as well as holistic manner.Learn from the experts how to manage patients with ChemSex presentations in clinic and help them achieve sober sex within the context of sexology. The session is for anyone interested in this topic regardless of previous experience.

Learning outcomes

  1. Clear understanding of ChemSex and Sober sex
  2. Steps and what to do with patients who present with ChemSex issues
  3. A framework to work towards sober sex in time limited and long-term contracts
  4. Attention on the self- care of the patient and the therapist


Biography of David Stuart

David Stuart is a social worker, community activist, and chemsex expert. David was the first to name and identify Chemsex as an emerging gay cultural phenomenon. He developed the world’s first chemsex support services, and he fought relentlessly for greater chemsex awareness by encouraging and stimulating cultural dialogue and discussion within our international gay, bi and Queer communities. He continues to support international governments and communities to manage the cultural phenomenon from a place of kindness, sex positivity and cultural competence.

Biography of Remziye Kunelaki

Remziye Kunelaki is a psycho-sexologist, clinical supervisor and Phd candidate. She has worked for nearly 20 years in Sexual health and HIV in major hospitals in London. She graduated with a BSc in Psychology from Turkey and came to the UK to specialise in psychosexual therapy where she received a diploma and a Master’s degree.
Remziye is a committee member of the British Society for Sexual Medicine and she is a senior accredited therapist and clinical supervisor by the College for Sexual and Relationship Therapists. Remziye is a member of the ESSM/EFS Psycho-sexology Accreditation committee and actively participates to national and international conferences in sexual medicine.
Her current research is at Anglia Ruskin University on gay Christian men. She teaches on psychosexual diploma course at Tavistock Relationships and has her own private practice in London. Remziye is of Turkish origin and having being raised in a Greek orthodox society she appreciates and welcomes difference and works relationally with her patients.

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