Kick-Off Class

Five lectures focusing on psychosexual aspects of male and female Sexual Dysfunctions. Participants will be instructed on: assessment, diagnosis, main factors involved (predisposing, precipitating, maintaining), different patient’s profiles. Join a class up to 20 participants.

kick-off female-24


Sessions on female sexual problems:

1. sexual history taking
2. desire disorders
3. arousal disorders
4. orgasm disorders
5. genital pain disorders

kick-off male-23


Sessions on male sexual problems:

1. sexual history taking
2. desire disorders
3. erectile dysfunction
4. premature ejaculation
5. delayed ejaculation


Day Date Time (GMT)
Thu. 05.09.2019 18.30-20.00
Thu. 12.09.2019 18.30-20.00
Thu. 19.09.2019 18.30-20.00
Thu. 26.09.2019 18.30-20.00
Thu. 03.10.2019 18.30-20.00


Day Date Time (GMT)
Wed. 09.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 16.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 23.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 30.10.2019 19.00-20.30
Wed. 06.11.2019 19.00-20.30

If you cannot make it on the specified date/time of the sessions, don’t worry, you will have access to the recordings!


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