These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the relationship between INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SEXOLOGY SUPERVISORS PC, registered at M. Mpotsari 42, Thessaloniki, Greece, (“IOSS”, “we”, “us”, “our(s)”), and you, the Supervisee or Supervisor (as defined below). By using the Website and accessing our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms.


The following definitions shall apply to any capitalized terms which are not otherwise defined within the Terms.

(a) “Account” means your account with IOSS to utilize the Services (as described in Paragraph 7).

(b) “Affiliates” means the directors, officers, employees, independent contractors, vendors, agents, and affiliates of IOSS. The defined term, “Affiliates”, does not include you, the Clinical Supervisor nor the Supervisee, who is agreeing to these Terms.

(c) “Supervisor” means an individual that provides instructor-led training in sexology

(d) “Supervisee” means an individual who utilizes IOSS Services to obtain education and/ or clinical supervision in the field of sexology.

  1. e) “User” means any individual who uses IOSS for Services and/or attends webinars and trainings, and includes, but is not limited to, a Supervisor and Supervisee.

(f) “Personal Information” means the personal information you provide to IOSS to register your Account, access the Website and/or to use the Services. Personal information includes, but is not limited to, your name, email address, your profession, home or other physical addresses, telephone number, payment information and any other information which was provided when setting up the account and may be used to identify you.

(g) “Services” has the meaning set forth in Paragraph 2.

(h) “Website” means IOSS website found at



(a) A means for connecting individuals who are health care providers, physicians or mental health care providers with Supervisors, in order to obtain education and/ or clinical supervision in a field relevant to sexology.

(b) A peer consultation portal, which can be used by Users to, among other things, connect with other Users for the purpose of sharing information and seeking guidance.

(c) Webinars and trainings on topics of interest to health care providers and mental health professionals, attendance at which is purchased on an as-desired basis.

All services described in this Paragraph are collectively referred to as “Services”.


2.2.1 By using the IOSS services you agree that you have the appropriate and proper prior knowledge, skill, and experience to attend the education or supervision course. You also warrant that you are booking a place on an education or supervision course for the purposes of your profession and not as a consumer of therapeutic services for personal reasons.

2.2.2 We warrant that the education and supervision course will be provided using reasonable care and skill, in accordance with best industry practice and by suitably skilled and qualified instructors.

2.2.3 All information contained in the education and educational courses is general in nature and subject to change. Nothing contained in the supervision and education courses is, nor should be, construed as a professional or clinical judgement or decision provided by IOSS for any third parties.

2.2.4 We may, in our sole discretion, substitute the proposed supervisor/s with another suitably skilled and qualified supervisor/s.

2.2.5 We will send detailed attendance instructions to all attendees before the courses.

2.2.6 If you require assistance with any administrative matter please contact us using the contact details set out on our website and we will do our best to help. We reserve the right to a reasonable fee for such administrative services, which we will notify to you in writing in advance.

2.2.7 At the end of each educational session and/or supervision course, supervisees will be provided with an attendance certificate that will be supplied electronically. Hard copies of the certificates can be mailed, with a fee per certificate and of Courier postage.


2.3.1 We will provide or make available online appropriate materials in relation to the Course (“Course Materials”).

2.3.2 Other than to the extent that any Course Materials:“USER CONTENT”) are based on content provided by you, all intellectual property rights in the Course Materials are owned by or licensed to IOSS and we grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable right to use the Course Materials solely for the purposes of the Course and your own internal use. You agree not to make copies of or distribute any Course Materials to any third party.

2.3.3 Other than in relation to User Content, we undertake to indemnify you against all liabilities, costs, expenses and damages relating to any claim that your use of the Course Materials infringes any third party intellectual property rights.

2.3.4 To the extent that any Course Materials are based on patient content (meaning any information relevant to clinical cases discussed), you grant to us a license to use such User Content and indemnify us against all liabilities, costs, expenses and damages relating to any claim that use of User Content infringes any third party intellectual property rights.

2.3.5 Due to the different privacy rules and deontological codes applicable to each jurisdiction, each User is fully and solely responsible in relation to the information they share during the sessions or courses. IOSS is not responsible for the type of information being shared and trusts that the behavior of the User is in accordance with the laws applicable to their own jurisdiction.


2.4.1 Our website will guide supervisees through the steps they need to take in order to book a place on a Course. Our booking process allows them to check and amend any errors before they complete the booking. Please take the time to read and check the details of the Course at each stage of the booking process.

2.4.2 After supervisees sign up for a place on a supervision or education course, they will receive an automatically generated e-mail from us acknowledging that we have received their booking and that the relevant fee has been charged.


2.4.3 We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, not to accept any booking. In the event that we do not accept your booking, we will inform you by email as soon as possible. If you have paid the Course Fee, we will refund it by the same method that you used to pay.


2.5.1 The Course Fee is as stated on our website at the time supervisees book a place on the Course.

2.5.2 The supervisee can only pay for Courses using bank transfer or paypal or other options provided on our webpage.

2.5.3 An invoice will be provided to the supervisee by IOSS within one month of payment.

2.5.4 VAT is not applicable to IOSS services. Supervisees are responsible for payment of any other taxes or charges arising under these Terms. If you are required under any applicable law to withhold or deduct any amount from the payments due to us, you shall increase the sum you pay to us by the amount necessary to leave us with an amount equal to the sum we would have received if no such withholdings or deductions had been made.

2.5.5 All amounts due shall be payable in the currency as shown on our website.

2.5.6 Supervisors will receive an honorarium for their services by bank transfer. This will be done within one month after the supervision or webinar or kick off class batch has been completed and the invoice has been received by IOSS.


2.6.1 We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to cancel or reschedule an educational session or supervision course if necessary. We will notify supervisees of any such changes as soon as possible. Supervisees will be entitled to a refund of any Course Fees they have paid but will not be entitled to any compensation in the event of such changes.

2.6.2 If we cancel a Course or reschedule it to a date which is inconvenient to the supervisee and he/she has already paid the Course Fee, we will provide a full refund within 30 days upon his/her written request, or at his/her option we may transfer the credit to another Course.

2.6.3 If supervisees wish to cancel their participation at a group supervision, kick off class, or webinar that they have already been charged for, they must notify IOSS via email at least 15 days before the starting date of the Course and we will provide a refund equivalent to 50% of the Course Fee. Alternatively, they may transfer the full credit to another course at no extra charge. Supervisees will not be entitled to a refund if they only attend part of the Course. No Course Materials will be provided if supervisees do not attend the Course.

2.6.4 If supervisees cancel their participation at a group supervision, kick off class, or webinar that they have already been charged for it, with less than 14 days prior written notice, or do not attend the Course for any reason whatsoever, the whole Course Fee will be due and no refund will be made. We may, in our sole discretion, be able to transfer the credit to another course in which case an additional administrative charge equal to 20% of the original Course Fee will be payable.


2.6.5 If supervisees cancel their participation at an individual supervision plan, at any time after they have agreed their session dates/ times with their supervisor we will provide them a refund equivalent to 20% of the supervision plan fee.

2.6.6 If the supervisee seeking individual supervision does not come to an initial agreement with his supervisor regarding dates/times of the sessions, then he/she is entitled to a refund of the fee that was paid  but will not be entitled to any compensation.

2.6.7. If the supervisee wishes to change the agreed date/time of one or more individual supervision sessions, this must be requested both to IOSS administrator and the relevant supervisor at least 1 week before the scheduled session. It is to the sole discretion of IOSS and the supervisor to suggest a new date/ time for the session.

2.6.8 If the supervisor wishes to change the agreed date/time of the individual supervision session, this must be requested as soon as possible to IOSS and to the supervisee via email, and the supervisor must suggest 4 alternative dates/ times.

2.6.9 Supervisors will not be entitled to a payment of the agreed honorarium in the occasion of cancellation of a group supervision, webinar or kick off class after the date it has been confirmed.

2.6.10. In case an individual supervision batch has been cancelled by the supervisee, supervisors will be entitled to a payment equivalent to 20% of the agreed honorarium/ per individual supervision session.



Users will be able, through hypertext or other computer links, to gain access to other Sites operated either by IOSS, its affiliates or other third parties (“Linked Sites”). Unless otherwise specified, the Linked Sites are not under IOSS control. The Linked Sites may have different terms of use and privacy requirements. Unless otherwise specified, IOSS is not responsible for the content of any Linked Sites, or any changes or updates to such sites. IOSS provides these links for your convenience only. You link to any such Linked Sites at your own risk. IOSS is not a party to any transaction between you and a Linked Site. Unless specified, IOSS does not sponsor, endorse, adopt, confirm, guarantee or approve of any material or representations made in those Linked Sites.


By using the Website and Services, you acknowledge and agree that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age, have read and understood these Terms and are voluntarily bound by these Terms. If you are accessing or making use of the Website or Services on behalf of a User, you acknowledge and agree that you have discussed these Terms with the User and have the authority to bind, and are actually binding, the User to these Terms in addition to binding yourself. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, do not proceed with accessing or otherwise using the Website or Services.


For as long as you comply with these Terms, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-sub licensable, revocable, non-transferable license to use the Website and related Services. The Website may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, modified, sold, resold, distributed, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose.


(a) All text, pictures, graphics, logos, images, documents and other content, unless otherwise stated, which you may have access to through the Website or the IOSS Services, is owned by, or licensed to, IOSS or its Affiliates. The Website, Services, all software (source code and object code) related thereto, all content provided by us or our Affiliates or agents, all processes, designs, techniques, concepts, improvements, modifications, inventions and discoveries related to the Website and Services, all trademarks, copyrights, service marks, patents, applications therefore, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights appurtenant thereto and any derivate works thereof related to the Website and Services are and shall remain our exclusive property. Furthermore, you shall not, nor permit any other party to, (a) disassemble, decompile, decrypt, or reverse engineer, or in any way attempt to discover or reproduce source code for any part of the Website or Services; (b) alter, modify, or prepare derivative works based on the Website or Services or any materials related thereto; or (c) use any part of the Website or Services or any materials related thereto to create, invent or develop any computer program or other invention, work or device that performs, replicates, or utilizes the same or substantially similar functions as the Website or Services or any materials related thereto. Your use of the Website or Services constitutes your agreement that you will not, by any means, acquire any intellectual property rights of the various types of content described in this Paragraph. In addition, you agree that you will not disclose, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, share or otherwise exploit any of the various forms of content without the prior, written consent of IOSS.

(b) You agree that no information that you share on our Website or through our Services will (a) be offensive, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable; (b) infringe on the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of any third party; (c) violate the privacy right of any third party; (d) violate these Terms; or (e) otherwise violate any Applicable Law. We do not pre-screen information provided by you, but we reserve the right (but do not have the obligation) to remove any information uploaded to or posted to the Website.


To utilize the Services, you must create an Account. To create such Account, you must select a username and password. It is solely your responsibility to protect your login credentials from third parties, as you will be responsible for any and all actions, including unauthorized actions, taken under your Account. As such, you agree to access the Services exclusively from a private computer with updated virus protection. You further agree to provide, and update when necessary, the required Personal Information in your Account.


In addition to the Accounts described in Paragraph 7, you agree to provide and maintain an accurate User profile, which will be accessible to anyone utilizing IOSS Services. Your profile must not contain any misleading or false statements including, without limitation, statements regarding your expertise, the status of your professional license, your credentials or experience.


When using the Services to obtain clinical supervision hours required by the country in which you are seeking a professional license, you agree to be solely responsible for the following:

(a) Having and maintaining a thorough understanding of the licensing country’s requirements as they pertain to clinical supervision (for example, number of hours required and whether those hours can be obtained through online supervision); and

(b) Verifying that the Clinical Supervisor(s) you select as your clinical supervisor(s) meet the requirements of the licensing country, are otherwise qualified to serve as a clinical supervisor and may do so via online supervision, at all times during your use of the Services.

(c) Each country’s requirements for clinical supervision hours vary and may change periodically. You acknowledge and agree that IOSS is not responsible for tracking each country’s requirements for clinical supervision hours, or advising you regarding the same, nor is IOSS responsible for verifying the eligibility of any Clinical Supervisor to serve in such capacity.


We care about the security of your Personal Information and Account information. We continuously work to protect the security of your Personal Information and your Account information; however, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to circumvent our security measures. Please notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your Account.


IOSS does not have an employer-employee relationship with any of its Users. Users who participate in the Services are doing so as independent contractors. All persons employed by you shall be your employees or independent contractors. You shall be fully responsible for yourself and them, including, without limitation, with respect to compensation to your employees and independent contractors, withholding taxes, worker’s compensation, other insurance and other required payments.


IOSS understands that some of its Clinical Supervisors may be in private practice and already serve as clinical supervisors to supervisees outside of IOSS. This Paragraph applies only to Clinical Supervisor-Supervisee relationships which are established through IOSS. This Paragraph in no way prohibits or restricts Clinical Supervisors from working with supervisees which the Clinical Supervisor obtained outside of IOSS. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, Clinical Supervisors are permitted to use IOSS’s Services related to online supervision with existing supervisees without violating this Paragraph. As a condition of using the Services, you agree that you will not make any attempt to solicit any Supervisees or Clinical Supervisors you meet through IOSS, or any of IOSS independent contractors, agents, vendors or employees for the purpose of (a) working directly with the Supervisee outside of IOSS or (b) hiring or retaining such individual or entity to provide the same or similar services provided to IOSS in competition with IOSS. In addition, you agree not to use any information, including Confidential Information, you obtain, directly or indirectly, about the inner workings of IOSS, or its business model, to participate in the creation of, or accept employment with, any entity which seeks to compete with the Services offered by IOSS. These non-solicitation and non- compete provisions shall apply so long as you have an Account with IOSS and for a period of 12 months following the termination of your Account with IOSS.


You acknowledge that IOSS uses confidential and/or proprietary information and trade secrets in the creation, development, promotion, maintenance and marketing of the Services. “Confidential Information” includes, without limitation, the following: financial and accounting data; marketing plans; vendor and supplier information; data processing and communication information; new services; research and development; Supervisee Personal Information; clinical case information and other information used by or concerning IOSS which it treats as confidential and is not publicly available. You agree not to, directly or indirectly, discuss, disclose, make known to or use for the benefit of yourself or any person, firm, corporation or other entity any Confidential Information.

Users accept to be responsible to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality in connection with their obligations related to confidential information or protected health information of their discussions of the individuals, which they may discuss as a part of the Services. To uphold this confidentiality standard, Users are strictly prohibited from sharing the names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers or any other information which may be used to identify any individual.


The use of our Website and Services is subject to our Privacy Policy located at []. By using the Website you agree to comply with IOSS’s Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that you and/or the individual on whose behalf the Account was set up, have carefully reviewed and understood the Privacy Policy.


From time to time, IOSS may modify, supplement, change, update or revise the Terms by posting the amendments on the Website. It is solely your responsibility to periodically revisit the Terms to check for any amendments. You acknowledge and agree to be bound by any amendments to these Terms by continuing to use the Website or Services after the amendments are posted.


You may terminate your Account with IOSS at any time and for any reason by contacting IOSS or deactivating your Account on the Website. All termination requests will be processed within 14 days from the receipt of the request. Upon termination, you will no longer be able to access your Account. Any fees owed at the time of termination will be due immediately. If your IOSS account is setup for automatic deductions from your payment account, your final fees will be deducted no later than the date the termination is finalized. Furthermore, you remain obligated to comply with these Terms past the date of the termination, or suspension, of your account, with the sole exception being your obligation to keep your Account with IOSS updated.




The information contained in the website and the services provided by IOSS is for general information purposes only. Whilst we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct, we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

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