Flexi Individual Supervision

General description: Choose the supervisor you prefer and adjust the supervision to your needs. All supervisors speak English, but some speak more languages that may be preferable to you. Start with 1 session or as many as you want. Each session lasts 60 min.

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Choose your preferable frequency and starting month

  1. Choose the supervisor you prefer
  2. Choose weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions
  3. Choose the month you prefer to start
  4. Buy the individual session
  5. You will automatically receive a confirmation of your booking and an email that will redirect you to your personal account log in page
  6. Regularly check your personal account for your supervisor’s availability and proposed dates.
  7. Choose the slot that you prefer. REMEMBER to use the time converter. Please pay special attention and contact us if you have any doubt.
  8. You shall receive a confirmation email of the agreed dates/ times
  9. Welcome to IOSS supervision!