About Us

Why supervision ?

Supervision is being used more and more in clinical settings and in many situations it is even mandatory as it enables healthcare providers to critically reflect on their work and clinical decisions within a safe and protected environment that will eventually boost their professional practice.

Within the field of Clinical Sexology, it is commonplace that all health care providers, whether experienced or just starting out, will benefit from regular professional supervision. After all, science is going really fast and clinical sexology could not be an exception. New, clinical issues arise every day in our practice and we have all been in that place where our theoretical background, our clinical experience and even our colleagues were not sufficient to properly diagnose and treat a patient. In addition, difficulty to spot a supervisor that actually specializes in a specific field is one of the commonest problems, which might result in avoiding seeking supervision.

But it is true that we could all benefit from a supervisor, not only to effectively manage our difficult cases, but also to prevent us from actually dismissing a patient that we think we cannot handle. Supervision will boost confidence, will induce the development of a concrete professional identity and will create multiple alternative attitudes for the supervisee. More than that, it will introduce us to new resources and will reinforce our judgment.

about us

What is IOSS ?

International Online Sexology Supervisors is an organization founded by Francesca Tripodi and Evie Kirana. This is an educational initiative that aims to cover an important gap within the field of life-long learning in Clinical Sexology.

The idea for this project came after many years of lecturing and teaching health professionals from every corner of the world. During our informal discussions, we frequently witnessed their genuine eagerness to treat the sexual problems of their patients as efficiently as possible. However, at the same time, they often shared concerns about having limited opportunities for education and clinical guidance in their country. Professional isolation is demotivating and hinders development. No matter where someone lives, there is always a need to remain updated and stimulated by the clinical experience of colleagues, preferably in a multidisciplinary and multicultural manner.

The aim of this initiative is to provide online sexology supervision to sexual health care providers from around the world. The mission of IOSS is to become a reference of expertise in the provision of state-of-the-art, flexible and accessible clinical sexology supervision services.

State of the art supervision

IOSS is not a network of sexologists providing supervision. IOSS has a selected faculty that ensures very high-level supervision with top experts assigned to each specific domain of sexology.

Flexible supervision

IOSS provides different types of supervision so the supervisees can select the
most appropriate for their needs:

  • short or long term
  • on a specific domain of sexology, or on a structured multi thematic curriculum or flexible
  • individual or group (5 supervisees together)

Accessible supervision

Any sexual health care provider in any corner of the world can receive clinical supervision from top experts as long as they have an Internet connection.

IOSS approach to supervision

Who is IOSS designed for?

– Mental health professionals who have already received education in
sexology and are willing to continue developing their clinical skills with
top experts.
– Health care providers that haven’t necessarily obtained in-depth
education in sexology.

Shall I choose individual or group plans ?

– If you have a heavy daily program, individual plans may be more appropriate
because they may be adjusted to your time schedule. In addition, individual
plans offer you the opportunity to adjust the service you receive on your
clinical needs and possibly your language. On the other hand, group plans

provide the opportunity of networking and sharing experiences and ideas with
colleagues. Don’t foget: you can create your own group and share the
experience with colleagues you are already familiar with. Group supervision
has less flexibility in terms of dates and times, but is more affordable.

What is the difference between kick off education and supervision plans ?

The kickoff plan is focused on providing education rather than supervision. It may be more appropriate for those that wish to receive a good knowledge base or an opportunity to refresh it and stay updated. On the other hand, supervision plans are focused on clinical skills, such as treatment planning, clinical decision-making, etc. You can choose the thematic based supervision to further specialise on a specific domain, or the structured one for a broader curriculum in clinical sexology.

I don’t have my own clinical cases. Can I still receive supervision?

Clinical cases are central for the plans of supervision. However, supervisors
can support the process when the supervisees do not have their own cases.

What can I expect from IOSS supervision?

  • Case reviews
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision making
  • Treatment skills
  • Evidence-based

The IOSS approach believes in the effectiveness of combining education with skills training. Education refers to state of the art knowledge, clinically relevant scientific information and experts’ tips and tricks. Skills training refers to the development of the ability to manage the demands of the clinical practice. IOSS perceives both education and skills training as a continuous lifelong process.