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State-of-the-art supervision

Distinguished experts in each field of clinical sexology

Flexible supervision

Different types of online supervision tailored to your needs

Accessible supervision

An internet connection bridges the distance


The webinar is a one-way lecture of approximately 70 minutes, followed by 20-minutes devoted to answering audience’s questions.

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Kick off online class

Provides education rather than supervision. It may be more appropriate for those that wish to receive a good knowledge base or an opportunity to refresh it and stay updated.

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IOSS Faculty

IOSS Supervision Plans

Supervision plans are based on the discussion of clinical cases and focused on clinical skills, such as treatment planning, clinical decision-making, etc.

Thematic Individual
300/ for 3 sessions
◦ Select your favorite theme with the relevant specialized expert
◦ Batch of 3 sessions
◦ Choose weekly or biweekly sessions
◦ Schedule your sessions according to your availability
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Thematic Group
240/ for 3 sessions
◦ Select your favorite theme with the relevant top expert
◦ Batch of 3 sessions
◦ Join a group of ≤ 5 colleagues, who share common interest
◦ Check the scheduled dates and sign up
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Complex cases
200/ for 1 session
◦ Get guidance on a complex case
◦ Two supervisors simultaneously possible
◦ Batch of 1 session
◦ Schedule your session according to your availability
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Structured Individual
600/ for 6 sessions
◦ Wide range of topics within a predefined curriculum
◦ Interact with multiple supervisors
◦ Batch of 6 sessions
◦ Complete 2 batches and get the IOSS Basic certificate
◦ Complete 4 batches and get the IOSS Advanced certificate
◦ Choose among weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions
◦ Schedule your sessions according to your availability
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Structured Group
480/ for 6 sessions
◦ Wide range of topics within a predefined curriculum
◦ Interact with multiple supervisors
◦ Batch of 6 sessions
◦ Complete 2 batches and get the IOSS Basic certificate
◦ Complete 4 batches and get the IOSS Advanced certificate
◦ Choose among weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions
◦ Join a group of 5 colleagues, who share common interest
◦ Check the scheduled dates and sign up
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Flexy Individual
100/ for 1 session
◦ Select the supervisor you prefer
◦ Tailor the content of supervision to your needs
◦ One individual session
◦ Choose weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions
◦ Schedule your sessions according to your availability
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The overall webinar experience was magnificent. In a cheerful atmosphere despite the lockdown, a highly educational experience with well known participants and an expert speaker that carried the latest evidence based knowledge absolutely useful for the everyday clinical practice.
I definitely recommend all IOSS webinars as they give the best aura of various sexual medicine aspects, providing the opportunity to discuss questions directly with pioneers on each field. I will return several times to participate and constantly enrich my knowledge in the evolving human sexuality science.

Georgios Pagkalos
Psychiatrist- Sexologist

Working in the field of sexology can sometimes feel isolating. Therefore, meeting up with friends and coleagues in the filed, discussing pertinent issues, having the opportunity to receive evidence based information from experts, can only be described as priceless. All our colleagues working in the evr expending field of Sexology will benefit from lectures like this from credible leaders in the filed, where first world research and science can broaden every practitioner’s horizon.
It would be wonderful if we could meet regularly. Thank you for a creative approach on this learning platform.

Eugene Viljoen
Clinical Psychologist/ Sexologist
South Africa

The webinar was great, a great lecture summed by friendly and warm atmosphere. It was 100% recommendable. Covers all the major aspects of sexological care with highly experienced and qualified speakers. I would definitely like to participate in more events!

Vinicius Jobim Fischer

One of the best webinars I attended the last years. Interesting and exiting information on brain on sex given by a powerful presentation of a big name in the field of sexology. Thank you IOSS! Great technical quality, support and interaction within the whole webinar. I look forward to more of these great initiatives.

Xenia Ntoni Fynbo
Psychologist/ Psychosexologist

Generous experts in sexology offering hands on experience.

Iliana Pavlopoulou
Psychologist/ Psychosexologist

This webinar was informative, thought provoking and full of useful and practical information and insights. The opportunity to listen to and interact with not only the faculty but also colleagues from so many backgrounds and countries simply added to the experience. I would absolutely like to join future events. The caliber and quality was excellent and using Zoom seemed to work really well. I have significant experience of online training and this one was well devised and thought through. Thank you to all involved.

Russell Etherington
Product Manager

I really appreciate the way of handling the topics with examples of many research papers. This really helped everyone feel like they were part of the delegates in the conference. Thanks to all team members of the webinars for making them very informative and successful.

Kiran Basavathappa
Physician/ Sex therapist

Thank you for providing the opportunity to take part in a webinar. The speaker was very clear and a good expert. Only the timetable was hard to me, webinar was too late and I had difficulties to follow because I was too tired on that time. The webinar started as announced, it was easy to get in a webinar, easy to follow, the slides were clear and it was also important to see face of the lecturer not only the sound. It would be nice to have a webinar which is not so scientific.

Ritta Ronca
Urologist/ Sexual Counselor

How nice to follow the IOSS webinar. The speaker was excellent and the webinar made it possible in these anxious times to lockdown to join this scientific family from all over the world. The well prepared lecture on evidence-based sexology with a critical appraisal of recent literature and the engagement of experts from all over the world resulted in a very stimulating environment to deepen knowledge in the field of sexology. I am looking forward to more of these excellent lectures by IOSS.

M. Caroline Vos
Gynaecologist and epidemiologist
The Netherlands

The opportunity to connect to great leaders and researchers in the filed of sexology in a close and intimate manner, through a user friendly platform at an affordable price! Furthermore, supervision provides professional development in a customized manner to every need in sexology field. All of this is provided with a big smile on the face, knowing that it’s more than just a course or a training, but a purpose: to improve the science of sexology worldwide.

Marina Scafuri
Gynaecologist/ sexual therapist

) I attended my first IOSS webinar one year ago. I was thrilled with the idea of listening to an expert on the most updated information on sexual medicine while interacting when needed. All this in the comfort of my office, without having to change my schedule, book a flight and hotel or having to leave my family! So far and yet so close! That’s how I feel every time I have the chance to attend a course or an IOSS webinar. Couldn’t recommend more. Stay tuned for new topics, a IOSS is always ready to surprise us!

Andrea Quintas

The webinar was really systematic, focusing on the most important tips that sexologists should receive from evidence-based medicine. It got me stuck on the screen from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. It is the best way to share knowledge with the world’s best experts in the filed. In addition, they are excellent communicators, with great capacity to transmit messages. I would like to participate again for sure!

Rui Bernardino

Thank you for this nice, informative and new experience. I would like to participate again in any coming event and I strongly recommend it to my colleagues, as it was very beneficial, interesting and clear. Thank you.

Dermatologist and Andrologist

IOSS is a very interesting experience for all sexual health professionals. The proposed meetings are on topics of clinical interest, treated with competence and updated content. In the most recent webinar I attended the speaker was accurate and punctual as always in her speeches, also thanks to the free seminar, has favored the meeting between professionals from all over the world. In a moment like this where everything and everyone is suspended, I found it a great opportunity. Thanks to IOSS for their competence, expertise, perseverance and effort in the scientific dissemination of Sexual Health.

Roberta Rossi
Psychotherapist/ Sexologist , Past President of the Italian Federation of Scientific Sexology

I have attended five webinars and every time I was completely absorbed by the lectures! The most important is that the information provided always improves and inspires my clinical practice. Top experts with excellent educational skills become easily accessible through IOSS platform!

Bruno Jorge Pereira
Urologist/ Onco-sexologist, General Secretary of the Portuguese Society of Andrology, Sexual Medicine and Reproduction

The webinar experience was great. The speech was excellent and also the polls organized and the questions and answers section gave me the opportunity to reflect on the topic and to increase my knowledge. I strongly recommend it to the colleagues because it is a great opportunity to update your knowledge from your home and having the possibility to listen and to interact with some of the most expert lecturer in the field of sexual health. I would be happy to participate again!

Stefano Eleutheri

A webinar is a very good way of becoming updated on the latest information on sexual medicine and sexology. It also is a very good experience to feel connected to all these people in the world that are joining at the same time and have a professional interest like yourself. The IOSS is very dedicated to organize a webinar of very high quality by the best international speakers, researchers and therapists. The webinar I attended was a good example of that. High quality, up to date and translated in good practical guidelines. The IOSS people are warm and dedicated. You can feel this during the webinar and by the fact that even though there is not a lot of budget they still want to share their knowledge with the world. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues as I already did for this webinar. A lot of attendees were from the Netherlands I heard. I recommend it for all the reasons I mentioned above. I would definitely participate again if the topic is relevant for me.

Hester Pastoor
Psychotherapist/ Sexologist. President of the Dutch Scientific Society of Sexology
The Netherlands

The webinar in which I participated was excellent and the speaker provided the participants with very important information. Furthermore, I find this webinar as a very important initiative which brought together many professinals fellow colleagues. I deeply appreciate all IOSS board. Great experience!

Panagiotis Apotsos
Psychologist/ Psychosexologist

I would recommend these webinars to all my colleagues. The importance of these webinars is the wealth of knowledge presented and gained during them. It’s also an easy way to connect with experts all over the world.

Wilma Mathurin

It was a pleasure to be brought together during uncertain times to focus on evidence-based sexology; to be connected with colleagues and friends internationally. Thank you IOSS for providing a much needed space.

Tom Vlietstra
Clinical Psychologist
United Kingdom

IOSS really systematic, focusing on the most important topics that sexual health professionals should want it, I attended the last webinar, Actually very interesting experience for me. I would like to participate again for sure! And I would like to invite my colleagues to participate and communicate with this IOSS for increasing their skills and knowledge in sexology.

Dr . Atia Attaky
Neuropsychiatrist, MD, MSC, FECSM, ECPS. Researcher at Maastricht University, Department of neuropsychiatry Al-mattaria hospital (Cairo) Egypt, Mutmaena Medical center (Riyadh)

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